United Hopping (Part 1): Transcontinental

Hello IFC! I haven’t posted any of my flights recently on here, so I decided to not just post 1, but 3!

The first one I will be covering, was a Transcontinental flight operated on the 777-200ER. I flew this flight on the expert server, with a callsign of “ United 2059 Heavy”. Funny enough, United also uses this callsign sometimes in the return flight, but mainly for a small a319 hop somewhere on the west coast. The route today will be KSFO-KEWR. Anyway, let’s get into it.

Taxiing to the runway at SFO!

Reaching my cruise…

Flying a plane, over the plains!
Lining up 22L at EWR

Low over I-78!

Aaand touchdown! Viewed from the NJ turnpike!

Thank you for viewing! A hint for the next one is… Short hop on United Express, but because of weather… it took much longer than needed…


Great job!

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Good good job here! Great edit, my broken eyes first saw an Ryanair 777 💀💀💀, don’t ask why


Typo perhaps?
Anyway… Amazing photo!!

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Oh… yeah… whoops… I’ll change that now. I’m so used to flying out of it, lol. Thanks!

me wondering how you figured out teleportation 😂😂

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