United gets first 787-10

United is the first American airline to get the 787-10, what do you think about that?


Looks like another beautiful United Dreamliner!


I personally like the -9 better, the -10 is to long for me


I have no idea how United is gonna use the -10 though.


Most likely on there long routes like Houston to Sydney or Newark to Singapore.


It is confirmed to be post on transcontinental routes as of now. I believe EWR-SFO and EWR-LAX will be its main routes.


Great plane. Features new Polaris/Premium Plus seats, as well as new BE Aerospace aspire seats in economy which so far have only been retrofitted to the 777-200 Polaris fleet. Larger 1080p screens throughout aircraft and gate to gate entertainment are new features to United’s fleet.

The aircraft will begin EWR/LAX and EWR/SFO rotations early next year. Around march-may, United should will commence service to Europe from EWR. Rumor is six destinations. I would guess BCN, DUB, AMS, CDG, FCO, maybe ATH.


The -10 doesn’t have the range for those markets. It will first be operated on flights from Newark to LAX, then from Newark to SFO, later expanding into flights to Europe from the east coast.


Would this make them the only airline curently to operate all 3 type correct?

I believe so

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No, I saw EWR to LAX

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In IF, “cheated” and flew the 787-10 from Sydney to Atlanta with Max pax per United’s stats on the aircraft including 60lbs of cargo per pax.

I created flight plan through Simbrief, I was 115% load. I took off at Max power (just under 100% n1) and half flaps. I had plenty of runway left over.

I got it to initial altitude of FL330 and M 0.85 without going over 92 n1 ( for the most part I was in the high 80s for n1 at the first part of the flight). When I woke up in the morning was able to go to FL350 and stayed there till Mexico then went to F370

Landed in Atlanta with about enough fuel for a go around or divert if needed.

I’d hate to be stuck in coach for 16 hours lol

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Confirmed 78J transatlantic routes:

EWR-FRA & TLV eff 3.30
EWR-BCN & CDG eff 4/29
EWR-BRU & DUB eff 5/22

Good to know 78J can comfortably make TLV on a full load.
Surprised FRA is going to 78J, it made sense as a good place to rotate 77Ws to SFO.
BRU a little surprising, I know UA is strong there but seems like a lot of capacity especially with routes from other hubs.
There will be many more routes to come next year though.

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