United "Friend Ship" DC-10


I did some searching around on the forums, and there was a request for a United DC-10, but it was the Rainbow livery, not this one.
Anyways, I think this livery would look great on the DC-10 that is to come to Infinite Flight.

Image Credit: By Piergiuliano Chesi, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link


Classic livery. :)


the dc-10 was not friendly :(


This has to be one of my top 5 DC10 favorite liveries!
I LOVE how American it looks! :)


P.S., @Bobby, you might wan’t to vote for your own request! :)

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It’s quite ironic that United has a livery called “friendship” I mean. They are now famous for dragging people off planes.


Dude that was so long ago…

We all need to let it go at some point ;).


It’s 100% necessary to have classic liveries for the DC-10, historic and wonderful at the same time!


Lovely livery!

Oh the irony,
United being friendship --> now drag people off planes
DC10 being friendly --> pretty sure it has more crashes than flights 😒

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It would be awesome to have the Friend Ship livery on the DC-10! :)

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Is this aircraft actually still operating?

The aircraft, yes, but there are very few. However, United has retired this aircraft a while ago.

Am I the only one who really isn’t a fan of most retro liveries? :/ gorgeous plane but the paint is odd

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Lol! Who’s post is gonna win! So far I’m up with 8 votes. Either this DC-10 livery or mine.

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I think most of the operating one used for cargo nowadays.

It’s going to feel like the 80s with all these classic livery’s! (:

This is such a classic, love it!

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