United flight on fire. Literally

I’m fairly certain it was a Skywest flight. United doesn’t fly the CRJ. They usually contract those routes out to regional airlines.


It was a Skywest flight under the United Express brand and livery


I saw it on the news.

Ah, the good old UK ‘Daily Rage’ sensationalising everything!!!

What do passengers expect goes on inside a gas turbine, the thing is constantly ‘on fire’!

In this case it would seem a breakdown in the flow structure of the engine (hot or cold) led to un-contained fuel leaking through the base of the engine. Oddly enough, when in flight, with 180mph winds through the engine it would have windmilled perfectly fine.

I’m 100% confident that the crew would have shut it down and it’s just residuals burning in the core.

But, never let the truth get in the way of a good story I suppose.



“This girl is on Fire, She’s walking on fire” LOL

Every week there is a new headline about United Airlines and it is never good!

They will buy the Airbus A380. Then damage it and insist that the passengers pay the bill:-D

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It’s just b/c the media loves to take an event, and run with it beyond belief.

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That’s the first time united was lit


This is when united was the hottest on the charts.


@SkyHighGuys I’m surprised you didn’t get this on video… don’t you go spotting at Denver quite frequently?

I do not go Spotting unless I have a trip or I’m picking someone up. So sadly no. Last time I was in Denver was for my trip on the 14th of June.

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Interesting initial report from the FAA. The fire originated in the landing gear? So I’m guessing brake pads overheated during landing roll out. Then the fire is said to have spread to the engine afterwards. A rather unusual scenario indeed!



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