United flight divered after woman gets stuck in toilet

United Airlines, known for dragging people off their aircraft, now they are trapping people inside of them. One woman got stuck inside a lavatory on her way to San Francisco

United Flight 1554 from Washington DC to San Francisco, Californa was about 2hrs into its 5hr 30min journey when a woman became stuck in the lavatory after an “inoperative door” prevented anyone from opening it. The captain was informed, and the aircraft was forced to divert to Denver, Colorado. After landing the women was freed after over 1hr of being stuck in the small lavatory. Engineers cracked the door open after landing and United apologised and reached out to all on board, especially to the woman stuck. No injuries were recorded, and the aircraft landed in San Francisco 3hrs late at around 11 pm local time.

N79541, the aircraft involved in the diversion full photo credit



no further comment required…


Oof, my worst fear on an aircraft confirmed! 😩


Damn, United really trying to get that extra seating in


That’s how a small boy called Vinne, got claustrofobia.

I got stuck in the lavatory on a Qatar Airlines flight when I was just 6, I got freed after 15 minutes of being stuck in there…

Just saying, I lost my claustrofobia 2 years later.


I wonder how safe it is… as I guess there is no seatbelt in a Lavatory? Never really checked…


I dont even know what to say to this thread…

Just wow

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What the- … that’s odd. Really random but ok. Hope she’s okay. (GBoard broken so can’t do ??? RN but I would)

Strange incident

I think we all know the quality of United’s toilets.

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My one son would totally do this. He always takes the child ring of our toilets and then he sinks in but manages to not touch water. Ugh, it’s so gross 🤢


Just think of him working his way to a marine biologist 😂.


I would probably play with the flush button while I’m waiting to be freed


I had a good laugh at the title there, but it wasn’t what I was imagining… 😂


Um, OK…
This is weird and unexpected, I don’t have any other comments.

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Lol this reminds me of something. So apparently in the ‘80s my grandma (who is really weird) went to the bathroom during taxi and the plane couldn’t take off until she got out.

i wasn’t trying to laugh at this, but i did. i mean how did she do that??

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