United flight at LAX Fly in

Flight number: UA399

DEP: Newark Liberty international Airport (KEWR)

ARR: Los Angels International Airport (KLAX)

Flight time: 5:10

Aircraft: B787-10

Date: 9/22/2023 UTC

Server: Expert Server

Line up on RWY04L at KEWR


Parallel approach with American B737

Landing at KLAX RWY25L

Arrived at Los Angels International Airport


Helo :D
You have wonderful pictures but this one that I quoted has the game UI in it (the aircraft tags) which is not allowed in the Screenshots and Videos category.

Remove, edit or retake the picture and it would be all great and safe from closure!
Haves a goods days!

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OK I changed the photo.

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Great! Now it looks even better!

Thank you for your advise

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