United Flight 1729

For my first flight in the reworked Boeing 757, I wanted to fly a flight that I have worked before the pandemic, as a United flight attendant.

Server: Expert
Departure: 9:47AM
Arrival: 3:13PM
Time: 3:26
Route: DEN - EWR

Passengers are boarding and cargo is being loaded here at gate B28 at Denver International Airport.

The pencil plane blasting out of the mile high city via runway 34L.

Banking out eastbound with the beautiful Rocky Mountains in the background.

Passing over Chicago where United Airline’s is headquartered at Willis Tower.

Landed safely on runway 4R and holding short runway 4L as another beautiful 757 departs.

Parked at gate C96 as passengers deplane and cargo is unloaded at Newark Liberty International Airport.


What a cool flight! 😌

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Thank you!!