United Express (Skywest) E175 | BNA-ORD

Flight Details
Date: February 3rd, 2024
Departure Airport: Nashville International Airport (BNA/KBNA)
Arrival Airport: Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD/KORD)
Airline: United Express (Skywest)
Aircraft: Embraer E175W (N145SY)
Flight Number: UA 4784
Flight Time: 1h, 15m
Departure Time: 4:44 PM (6 minutes early)
Arrival Time: 6:50 PM (4 minutes late)
Cruising Altitude: FL310
Server: Expert ig
Fare Type: Basic Economy
Seat: 23A


I’ve only ever flown United Mainline, so I was very excited to try out their regional service through Skywest, on this quick flight up to Chicago/O’Hare.

As it turns out, BNA is a very nice airport. The entryway and TSA checkpoint was super modern and clean, and everything was super nice and up to date. Our flight departed out of the A gates, on the outskirts of the terminal. This wing was less impressive. It’s pretty poorly lit, and just looks old. But, it was fine. Soon enough, our plane was pulling onto the stand, after coming down from Chicago. In the background, you can see Freedom One arriving from Milwaukee.

Boarding was prompt and on time. It went quickly, and the whole thing was very efficient. The seat was pretty barebones, with a decently sized tray table. It was overall pretty clean, except for some napkins and a few crayons in the seatback pocket, clearly left behind by a previous passenger.

We pushed back early, so of course something had to go wrong. As we were making the relatively long taxi out to the runway, we abruptly stopped on the active taxiway. Apparently, Chicago ATC had to delay us since we’d be too early for our arrival slot. The captain thought it would be about 20 minutes, and shut off one of the engines. It ended up being a little shorter of a delay than that, luckily.

The hairdryers fired up and did their thing. Soon enough, we were airborne. The initial climb out felt pretty unstable because of some wind, but that wasn’t nearly as bad as it was once we got through what I’d guess was 5,000 feet. We were getting tossed around up there, with about 10 big drops. I wouldn’t say it was severe turbulence, but definitely on the heavier moderate side. I wasn’t too bothered, but there was definitely some yelping and choice language echoing throughout the cabin. Once we got to our cruising altitude, near the Kentucky - Indiana border, things smoothed out and the service started.

All that was offered was a drink, and given the duration of the flight, that was appropriate.

This seat was by no means comfortable. There was very little padding, and zero recline whatsoever. That’s fine and dandy for the shorter flights this plane operates, by United deploys them on some pretty lengthy flights. Chicago to Monterrey, for example, can be up to 4 and a half hours, which I can imagine isn’t too comfy in this type of seat.

There was no type of IFE to be found, not even streamble to your device. Again, this is a regional flight - what would you expect. There was supposedly Wi-Fi you could purchase for $8, but that seemed to be unavailable on my flight.

I grabbed this pretty cool shot of Louisville as we banked over the airport.
Over Indianapolis, we joined the never ending stream of arrivals into ORD coming in from the Southeast US & Caribbean. At that point, the FAs began coming through the cabin collecting tra- I’m sorry, “cabin service items” prior to our landing.

By the time we reached the outskirts of the Chicago metro, the sun was fully set and conditions weren’t great for photography. For whatever reason, the cabin lights stayed on for the entirety of our approach & landing. I was able to snap this picture of Midway as we passed nearby.

Our landing was, no joke, quite possibly the worst I’ve ever experienced in real life. We landed so incredibly hard. It felt like we just dropped out of the sky with zero flare, though I’m sure there was some sort of an attempt. The landing caused some creative language throughout the cabin, even from the very sweet Southern grandma sitting in front of me. In the defense of the pilots, they wanted to make the first high speed exit available to ensure a timely arrival at the gate.

We got the average ORD taxi (very long), and docked on some far off part of the airport, with a bunch of fellow E175s.

The Breakdown

Seat: 4/10
Crew: 9/10
Food/Beverage: 6/10
In Flight Entertainment/Wi-Fi: 2/10
Landing: .5/10
Total: 21.5/50 (47%)


You ok? You’re still alive so clearly it wasn’t a bad landing 🙃

The landing rating thing is more of a joke.

Choice language 🤣

So much language on this lol

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Tennesseans are quite liberal with their choice of language as it turns out.



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Probably not as bad as my recent Ryanair flight in July 💀 I legit almost spilled a whole container of gum when the plane landed 💀.

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this is the worst thing ever


Not to mention against the rules I think. Isn’t it required by the FAA for safety reasons?

technically yes


Wait till you get to Alabama y’all…