United Express Jet Slides Off Runway in Maine

A United Express Embraer-145 slid off the runway yesterday March 4th, 2019… more details provided in the link below:





Damn, that’s a lot of damage.


I know right? Luckily no critical injuries

My question is how did the main gear get to where the in-take of the engine is?


@Joseph007 That my question exactly as well. Also I wonder why they decided to land in those conditions, I can’t see the runway but if that’s it in the background, and it’s snow covered I don’t understand why they landed, maybe it’s different it Maine but a plane wouldn’t be landing on a snow covered runway where I live.

You can see what they hear did to the fuselage, and the engine. It’s wonderful that no one was critically injured.


WOW!! What a bad year for aviation already Troll I know it’s not


It’s not a bad year for aviation so far… A few incidents doesn’t make 2019 a bad year.

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Yahh… check my hidden text… plz @RotorGuy


I wonder what the passengers faces were like then seeing the gear near the intake!

Yep…Just saw you edited it, my comment still stands.

Right, and honestly I don’t think it’s as bad as this time last year, and considering no one was seriously harmed, I wouldn’t consider this a “Major accident” that would affect how bad this year is for aviation.

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Note to self: Don’t fly on a tiny regional jet.

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That’s true - This was a good walk away, thought a small incidents people saying it’s a bad year so far is ridiculous and crazy.

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This is too bad. I have wanted to visit Presque Isle for a while, and it was nice that United re-started service to PQI from EWR. Looks like a very odd accident here.

I was going to report this earlier, but was at work.

It’s sad this plane crashed in PQI. The airport has been closed for some time, and flights to and from PQI to EWR have been cancelled until the airport is reopened.

Though, strangely, Wiggins continues to operate it’s route to MHT.

PQI has two runways, so the main runway has been closed, hence why there are no more EWR flights for a bit until the runway is reopened.

First time Presque Isle gets a major accident like this.

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Atleast nobody was injured

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There were minor injuries, nothing serious tho

Time to break out the Flex Tape!

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But with the power of FLEX SEAL, we can stop leaks FAST.


lmfao. Just put some Flex Seal on the landing gear and the plane’s good as new.

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