United Express Evo Blue crj 200

The CRJ rework was one of the coolest updates we got in IF in my opinion we got 4 fully reworked regional jets which opened up hundreds of routes to fly all overt he world. However! One thing that I wasn’t sure why and still do this day haven’t figured out is why they didn’t rework the United livery on the CRJ 200. Now don’t get me wrong the old blue is a great paintjob but from a modern and realism spectrum it just doesn’t make sense to be in the sim especially over the two generations of paintjobs now in service. This plane definitely needs more love and this vibrant paintjob United brought to the aircraft really does that. The United Express fleet services so many small airports all over the United States. The CRJ 200 does so many small connection flights all over the globe and in United’s case, their hubs are teaming with this aircraft going to mountainous vacation destinations or just small town airports. The realism factor for united express will sky rocket, I definitely think this beautiful paintjob is worth your amazing dev team’s consideration:)

United Express CRJ-200 by @den.aviation

This is a must!

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