United Express Embraer ERJ-145XR

Very surprised this has not been requested already (Search “145XR”)


Looks nice, it would be a great addition for making short flights.
Did you notice the RB-57 Canberra behind the United aircraft?


This is why I like it ^. It’s flexible for short domestic hops but can operate longer domestic flights (EWR-OMA for example).

Yes I have


For Oshkosh and Charlotte.

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I’d like that added, but then I’d like every aircraft added.


I like the one without winglets better, but I still support this

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I hope there’s a huge regional jet addition before global is released.


my favorite hope we get that soon

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I would like that in infinite flight:)

Ain’t bad!

Would be nice, I like the reverse thrust style and the winglets.

I really like this plane and I believe this will make a fine addition to the IF fleet for global!

I realize this is a bump, sorry. This is a fantastic plane and looks amazing.

I would vote for it any day!

Just another much-needed aircraft for global. Hope the ERJ series comes soon after the CRJ, which I heard Is going to come with the DC-10/MD-11 Update! Can’t say how many routes aren’t being flown realistically. There are some airports that are only served by these guys, and the CRJ, KEVV, for example.

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This is a great aircraft and after the addition of the CRJ 200, 700, 900 this aircraft would be the last regional jet to be put into the simulator. Can someone please request this aircraft once again? I am not a frequent user of the forum enough to post. Thank you.

Would be a great addition although I’m out of votes :/

The ERJ-145 is by far my favorite Rj plane to fly on and just to look at. I think that it looks really sleek. On IF, their are many real world flights that I would love to fly however, they only operate on the ERJ-145. This aircraft is the aircraft that I have flown on the most on out of the many, many flights that I have been on in the past. I would love to see this aircraft added onto IF, it is for sure a must have! BTW, idk if anyone else like this, but I love the engine start up sound. It’s just something about it!!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VV3y8F0RzS0

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