United Express | E175 Livery Inaccuracy

I would really like to thank the artists who created this masterpiece of livery, Infinite flight was in need of a new Evo Blue aircraft! However, there’s something that caught my sight from the first time I spawned with this livery.

If you compare closely the Infinite Flight livery with the real Evo Blue E175 livery you’ll notice that the “Swoop” line that spreads around the mid-below part of the fuselage is the wrong shade of blue.

It’s a simple color swap that really makes the difference. Other aircraft in the game with the Evo Blue livery have the right “Swoop” color scheme. It would be great this can be addressed in the future to maintain the consistency of the livery and the realism of the simulator.

Device: iPhone 11 Pro
Operating system: iOS 15.5

Thanks in advance!


Also the world logo it’s broke

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I’m glad someone posted it, I hope it gets noticed

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I’ve noted it internal. No guarantee this will be fixed soon, but at least it’s been noted for future reference


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