United Express E175: Dulles to LaGuardia!

What a congested NY airspace it was (and still is)! Completely filled with E175s too :) Flight took nearly an hour longer than usual. Hats off to the controllers for their hard work!

The reworked E175 is a joy to fly! Not a good first landing for me at gusty LaGuardia though :(

Enjoy the screenshots! Hope the upper left rectangle bug gets fixed soon.

  • Expert Server
  • United Express UA3060 (KIAD-KLGA)
  • Embraer E175 (United Express livery)
  • Flight time: 1 hr 48 min


Great photos! Can’t wait to fly this thing for the first time tomorrow.

Will do LGA-DCA - hoping to do the River Visual Approach.

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Have a good flight! River visual sure is fun to fly!

How long were you in the approach line for? It looks bonkers on LiveFlight.

Hopefully LGA turned out ok?


I spent at least an hour I reckon…the flight was supposed to last only 50 minutes, but ended up at 108 minutes.

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That’s an oof.

Props to IFATC there. Clearly doing a mega job!

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Yes it did, thankfully. The worst part for me was the approach into LaGuardia - we were vectored very far away and it was awfully long. However I understand why the approach controllers had to do that, because there was simply too much traffic coming into LaGuardia at the same time.


It got way worse after Approach went offline then it was a battle to 22

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Oh wow, that must have been wild af

Lots of people + no ATC always ends in chaos…

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Yep. I wasn’t aware of a Southwest 738 just behind me when I touched down until I heard “Southwest 1538, going around.” Then I looked up and saw him nearly hitting my tail.

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