United Express-DHC-8 Q400

I would like to see the United express livery on a dash-8. They are operated by CommutAir and republic airways.


This is a must-have.


This is a nice looking livery! I love all United liveries anyway!

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Not a United fan but definitely a must have

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This is somewhere on the top of my wish list

I would definitely support this. The United “short-hop” planes are great for IF regions…

Love it. It is a kinda “must have” tho. It is perfect for Infinite Flight aswell!

I was looking at the confirmed liveries and besides Alaska/Horizon, there are not any other US carriers. It would be nice to add United to that list!

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This is a must have! I was just looking through an in-flight magazine from United and I saw that the Dash-8 was in their fleet. I hope the devs consider this livery.

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Please close the topic.

This has already been added

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Modified q400?

i want this

Do you not get what this means?