United Express Denver-Aspen Pitkin


Denver region has been one of my favorite regions since I started flying on IF.
The challenging approach to runway 15 at KASE is always fun to fly.
Planned for the Roaring Fork visual from the south but ended up in a hold over Eagle county due to heavy traffic and did a visual from the north.
Had a very nice flight with beautiful scenery.

Thank you IFATC at Denver and Pitkin.

Aircraft: CRJ700
Livery: United Express
Server: Expert


Did you butter the landing.
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Nice shots! Try landing runway 33, weeving through the mountains is really fun!


Haha, well I did an ok landing. All survived

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Do they ever use 33 for landings? Maybe I’ll try it on casual some day

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Yeah it’s not realistic but it’s a thrill having your terrain and retard callouts going off every two minutes when you go six feet above the ground 😂

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nice pictures


Good shot.Well I crashed into mountain earlier today whiles on approach there. 😂

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I think I saw you during the flight. Nice pics!

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