United Express CRJ-200 (New Livery)

I agree, it only makes sense for the new livery to be added.

Hopefully it comes it looks great and it does only make sense

People always like old liveries for a sense of nostalgia. And I believe they did it as a tribute to the old CRJ-200 as that was the only livery it had.

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Agreed, I do think they should have this livery as a tribute to the old one but the new one gives a more realistic feel.

It’s still very well possible that this could be added with the release of the CRJ-200 right? It hasn’t been released yet so there is still hope!

I would love to fly this to KDAY (Dayton, OH) & KDTW (Detroit, MI)

It’s most likely not going to be added in the CRJ-200 update, as we have a list of liveries that are coming with the next update here. But who knows, maybe we will receive a surprise :)


I screenshotted the liveries back when the topic was new. ;) I hope we get it at least! ;) (We will just have to wait for the end of the rainbow.

I had seen that list before and was quite dissapointed towards the CRJ-200 not having the new united livery. The list was made quite some time ago so FDS may have added a new livery. They could surprise us considering they realease things out of the blue…(cough COUGH A320 wingflex. I still hope this livery can be added.

That sucks that this livery most likely won’t be coming with the next update, I was really hoping for it to. United Express does operate a lot of CRJ2’s, so I’m not sure why it wouldn’t be implemented.

Really hoping FDS pulls through on this one and gives us the new United livery. I would love to fly the CRJ2 for UVA. Crossing my fingers!


I believe its confirmed no?

Got my vote! :)

Love this!!

Only the old livery is, the new one has a chance of making it, but no word on it.

It is confirmed no new livery

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Just because there isn’t one currently doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future. :)

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Since it wasn’t in the recent update, you got my vote!


I really hope we see this, actually I thought they would add it. The CRJ-200, 700, and 900 all have American’s and Delta‘s livery but only the CRJ-700 has the United one.

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Well the United Express livery is on the Dash-8

which isn’t operated by them anymore

Meh. Still in Infinite Flight.🤷‍♂️