United Express CRJ-200 (New Livery)

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United Express was founded in 1985 as Air Wisconsin, Aspen Airways, and West Air helping the smaller airports get service to United’s hubs. Later Aspen Airways would not serve United Express as it merged with Air Wisconsin. Washington Dulles airport would be served by Presidential Airways, but failed, causing WestAir to form an Eastern division to fly out of Washington, which later became Atlantic Coast Airlines and later Independence Air. Great Lake Airways later joined the United Express team along with SkyWest joining after Los Angeles became a new hub. In 2001 GLA broke it ties with United Express. Air Wisconsin failed to bid its contract, causing United Express to make contracts with Republic Airways, Shuttle America, Colgan Air, GoJet Airlines, And Chautauqua Airlines. United Express cancelled operations for Mesa Airways CRJ-200 And Dash 8 services along with Express Jet operating the ERJ-145. In 2016, Republic Airlines Dash 8-Q400s were removed from service, being replaced by the E175. In 2017, Air Wisconsin became an operator for United Express again, which will operate a fleet of 65 CRJ-200 aircraft.

So, what do you think of this bird? Isn’t she a beauty to see, let’s hope the devs consider this in the next update along with its older sibling (CRJ-700).
(Also, if you care, I would like them to be operated by Skywest, just because why not, also, N910EV is the one in this picture, if you’d like to add that as the registration, if you add it FDS. 🙏)

(This is my photo)

I think it would be awesome if we had both liveries, including the retro one.
You have my vote!

Also did you remake this topic with permission because @schyllberg can get really triggered if you didn’t.


Triggered? Me? Silly…

If the old was closed, it’s perfectly fine ;)


Can’t say it enough… United, Delta and American have to be on all variants except -1000. There aren’t that many operators!


I love the United Express livery on the Crj, Got my vote!

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Yes, I flagged the only other topic and Misha closed it. (Sorry schyllberg, hope you don’t get triggered)


But in all seriousness, it would be awesome to see this in IF. It would also mean @jakevaz423 gets another bird added to his fleet


As a HUGE United fan, you got my vote…


You could have chosen a better picture… but i still like the livery alot


United Virtual needs this. Please. You have my vote!


This livery is sadly not coming as hey have chose the original UAL livery over this one. I love the old one but the new one should have been included as well. Better luck nextime!

It still could come, just not anytime soon. You can still vote for this, and maybe if it gets enough votes, it will be added.

I’m confused on why they chose their old livery over this one… None of them still have it.


I agree, it only makes sense for the new livery to be added.

Hopefully it comes it looks great and it does only make sense

People always like old liveries for a sense of nostalgia. And I believe they did it as a tribute to the old CRJ-200 as that was the only livery it had.

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Agreed, I do think they should have this livery as a tribute to the old one but the new one gives a more realistic feel.

It’s still very well possible that this could be added with the release of the CRJ-200 right? It hasn’t been released yet so there is still hope!

I would love to fly this to KDAY (Dayton, OH) & KDTW (Detroit, MI)

It’s most likely not going to be added in the CRJ-200 update, as we have a list of liveries that are coming with the next update here. But who knows, maybe we will receive a surprise :)


I screenshotted the liveries back when the topic was new. ;) I hope we get it at least! ;) (We will just have to wait for the end of the rainbow.