United Express CRJ-200 (2019 New livery) "Out with the gold, in with the blue"

Got inspiration from this topic:

I know there is a topic for a United Express CRJ-200 new livery already.

But the other one is for the livery from the Continental junction, and mine is from the new one.
Ok, now for some info:
United Express was founded in 1985, to help small airports to have flights to United’s big hubs. GoJet Airlines, Mesa Airlines, SkyWest Airlines, Republic Airlines, ExpressJet, CommutAir and Air Wisconsin are the airlines that operate this flights. In total, the airline currently has 570 airplanes in its fleet.



Here is a picture of N221PS, a CRJ-200 in this livery, operated by SkyWest airlines.



The other one is from the old livery, the continental one

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There is only one topic for this livery.

I’m surprised this isn’t already a request! You have my support, but I am unfortunately out of votes.

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Ohhhh I read that wrong sorry

Just did that! Thanks for remembering me!

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i voted since i love the new united!

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Great request! The CRJ 200 in general isn’t my favorite but with the amount of UA routes it is used on I believe this needs to be added!

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