United Express - Colgan Airlines (Colgan) Callsign

So eventually I thought i would suggest a new/missing United Express callsign in Infinite flight and why is that?

In infinite flight we have the UA express Dash 8 which been operated by Colgan air (with united express) IRL but the callsign isn’t in the game which the United Dash 8 was mostly operated by Colgan Air

Example Callsign: Colgan

Sorry if it was short but I thought it would be important to add this callsign to represent the airline the Dash 8 flown with

Isn’t this the airline that crashed in New York?

Sure… I mean you have my support but I unfortunately cant spare a vote.


NO that was formely operated by Continental Express not UNITED express


@Cameron is the one who adds Callsigns to the game. So let me summon him

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Great job tagging a staff member… 🙄


I wouldn’t really tag a staff member.

But callsigns can pretty easily be added with just a slight database update.

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what about fixing some callsigns (Blue one for example of being called “Blue one” when IRL “Bluefinn”)

No need to summon me on a Saturday night - we monitor the features category and will look into it for a future update


ok hopefully this would be added next update :D

Ok, sorry Cameron

Bumpin this so this could be added in this update (along with the other requested callsigns)

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Thanks you devs! :D

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