United Express ATR-42

Yeah looks Great love. IT 100% agree

R u kiddin this looks better than the dash!

Im guessing they were replaced with ERJ’S?

Yeah I guess they were sadly.

I never knew United ever had ATRs…

But the dash 8s arent even that old:( phased out so quickly…EJETS are way better in my opinion tho:)

Yeah EJets are very good.

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Love this plane! Looks amazing.

Not exactly, they were bought after the erj, but I don’t exactly know why they went away, they were good workhorses, almost wide body turbo props.

Figured out why, they were all ex-contenital so I think they were replaced with uniteds a319s

Strange why would regional aircraft be replaced with short-medium haul aircraft

Nice prop i love It Good Add to the United fleet!

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Bumping this feature request sinds Regional planes need to get more attention after the MD11/C10 ;)
A quiet nice livery anyways

We need more props all we have are the C130s which are military so not everyone likes those, then the Q400, and the cessnas and cirrus. So for a passenger prop you have one option only :(

The Cessnas and the cirrus count as passenger planes too! They transport people. So does the C-130. So depending on how you look at it, there are 3-4 passenger props in IF at the moment.

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For all those asking along time ago, United has two of these in service, inherited from Continental Connection. They fly two routes, Guam-Saipan, and Saipan-Guam, daily.