United Express ATR-42

I can’t believe I’m a regular now and I never posted in features.
After the Dash 8 and it’s United Express livery this is another prop with it.
Photo not mine
I can’t put where I got it but it is from Airliners.Net


This is really nice! :)


Thanks I do like props.


I agree with @CJLAviation, this does look really nice!

I feel like the United livery doesn’t fit with the ATR-42 but the United livery is awesome overall.


More twin-turbo props since the developers have created physics. +1 from me!

Where does United fly them?


Yeah the globe doesn’t really fit in the tail😂

Do you get on in the back?

I blame the company for making the tail into a globe it doesn’t really fit.

They had to as part of the agreement in the merger with Continental I think

They did but I liked there old logo but still like the new one too.

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I like the new one only because I wasn’t into aviation before the merge so I never noticed the old livery and don’t like it just because I’ve only known United in the current livery

Ohhh OK well they had older liveries before now.

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Yeah ik I wish I would have paid attention to aviation when I was younger

It’s ok man many people may not know some airlines older liveries.

I saw one of these many years ago at IAH, I don’t think they still operate ATRs

Well it will still be nice to have. United stopped operating there Q400s and we still have it.

I wish they would add more turboprop aircraft and the atr is definitely a work horse it’s wide and can carry. Large loads would be awesome