United expands european service!


Like American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, United Airlines has announced the carrier is thrilled to offer its customers new international routes from the United States to Europe next year. United’s vice president of International Network, Patrick Quayle, emphasized United Airlines will continually search for opportunities to propel United as travelers’ first choice when it comes to booking flights to Europe and beyond.

Come 2019, United will offer flyers daily, year-round service between San Francisco (SFO) and Amsterdam (AMS); new nonstop seasonal service between New York/Newark (EWR) and Naples, Italy (NAP) as well as Prague, Czech Republic (PRG), in the summer. Those who are keen on these routes can already buy their tickets via the United app or on united.com.

United’s new daily, year-round San Francisco-Amsterdam service will commence on March 30, 2019. This will be the carrier’s fifth nonstop flight to the Netherlands. When United launches this service, it will be the only US airline to offer direct service between the two cities. At the moment, United offers daily, year-round services between Amsterdam and its hubs in Washington Dulles, New York/Newark, Chicago and Houston. The San Francisco-Amsterdam service will be operated using United’s Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner aircraft.

United’s new daily, seasonal summer New York/Newark-Naples service will be offered from May 22, 2019 through October 4, 2019. United will be the only carrier to offer flyers direct service between the US and Naples, Southern Italy’s biggest city. The New York/Newark-Naples service is strategically and conveniently timed for connecting customers from over 60 destinations across the US as flight UA964 will depart New York/Newark at 5:25pm in the evening. The Boeing 767-300 aircraft will be used to operate the route. And for those who are planning an Italian getaway for summer 2019, you will be happy to know Naples is a gateway to UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular tourist destination, the Amalfi Coast.

Last but not least, United’s new daily, seasonal summer New York/Newark-Prague service will be offered from June 6, 2019 through October 4, 2019. Flights between New York/Newark and the charming Golden City will also be operated using the Boeing 767-300 aircraft. Travelers looking to visit one of the hottest spots in Central Europe are encouraged to keep their eyes peeled for Prague’s Gothic churches, colorful baroque architecture and its famed medieval astronomical clock, the Orloj. Similar to the seasonal New York/Newark-Naples service, United’s departing flight to Prague will leave New York/Newark in the evening at 6:05pm. United wants the route to appeal to connecting passengers from more than 65 destinations across the country.

Besides these new international routes, United Airlines has promised that it will be bringing back several nonstop seasonal routes between eight US airports and over 20 destinations in Europe, the Caribbean and Mexico. Popular destinations the likes of Athens, Greece, Reykjavik, Iceland; Venice, Italy; and Porto, Portugal will all make a return next year.

Well I hope this brings good news to our American members! I have one suggestion for the community tho… if u can u should definitely pay a visit to Prague I have seen in many YouTube videos that Prague is very cheap compared to other European cities… plus it’s a beautiful city!! I am keen to read your thoughts on this!


Wait, United doesn’t already fly to europe?


Well yeah but some of these are new routes from KEWR… but I think I should change the title😅

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TBH I think saying United “expands” europe servace is better since it is out of a few places not just EWR…


Okay now?..

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I mean it’s fine however you want it, I just think this suits it better…

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Actually I think the same… thanks for the suggestion!

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No problem!

(I just wish, probably unreasonably, that they had added KPIT-Europe… 😂)

All you have to do is generate enough passengers 😂😂

No no. They need to expand at KSJC and have that airport as a focus airport! XD


I think we can, PIT used to be a much bigger market

Fortunately for you I have applied engineering so I dont think I can unleash my rath, but consider yourself lucky!

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Then u need to find a way to make United notice KPIT’s potential ;)

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If I had that much influence, trust me KPIT woukd be much bigger. But only to an extent, since you have to recognise the size if the city, and you have to recognize that the curent team is doing phenomenal!

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That’s great, more flexibility for me in connecting flights to the US. Often having 1.5-2 hours stop reduces fare by up to 400$ compared to direct flights.

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These routes were announced three weeks ago. :)


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No biggie. The title is admittedly a bit vague and could’ve been specified more. I didnt have much trouble finding this though as I knew it was posted recently.

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What a cool topic. Untied should be expanding and finding more passengers out of SFO

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