United Employee Needed

Hello forum folks,

I have been perusing some topics for the FVACast (Podcast to FVA and currently the only active IF Podcast). I have been interested in talking with a United pilot/FA/Employee and was curious if anyone on the forums falls into that category and would be willing to contact me.

~ Robert


I fly them so often, I could be an employee!
Anyway, I am personal friends with the Managing Director of the West Coast for United. If you pm me any questions, I might be able to ask him those.


I had wanted him on the podcast itself so I’ll think about that. If you could hook me up with a personal voice meeting with him πŸ˜‰ boy that would be interesting.

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Just pm me the questions and I’ll try.

Sadly that won’t work as I don’t do written interviews. The FVACast only does vocal interviews.
But thank you for being willing.

Ah, OK, I’m sorry. Please feel free to contact me again if you wish to get any info from him. Good luck!

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