United Embraer 175

Not my photo
I know we already have the ERJ170 in the old livery but I personally think the ERJ175 in the new United livery is so much more appealing

  • I would like to see this
  • meh
  • this shouldn’t be added

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Please give proper credits if it’s not your picture.
And polls at the end of a feature request… I don’t understand them.

Isn’t it better to have individual, constructive opinions instead of numbers?

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Don’t we already have a United E-Jet. It is just the old livery that’s all.

I feel like the embraers dont have enough liveries and this would be a great add.


Looks great!

Well I saw it in the picture of the thread about the new Sully movie and I wanted to request it but being that it was already requested, I decided to show my support for it being added.

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Yeah, I suppose

I really want this livery with a future embraer family rework! :)

@Bluepanda900 as long as our comments are related to the current topic, it’s not necroposting. :)


I hate it when someone puts a poll, and let’s say 30 people say yes, but the actual post only has 5 likes. -_-

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Oh yes we need more erj liverys

I would love to fly the E175 with the “new”-ish canted winglets!


This livery would be great in the E-jets.

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This liver is lovely, I’d love to see it on the E175 sometime! I see these birds all the time with UAL.