United E175

So I’m taking a flight from Richmond to Houston on the United E175, and I’m flying eco +. If anyone has flone the airplane, do you think an upgrade to first class for a 3 hour flight is worth it?

First of all, what is the price?


What are the costs?

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I don’t know, it’s a short flight, so I think you’ll survive eco.

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Agreed here. As much as it is nice having a bit of an upgrade it’s better saving that money for a nice night out rather than a nice microwaved processed meal overdosed with salt and pepper :). Or whatever suits your cuppa tea.

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Is it just me or does that say first is cheaper than eco +

Should’ve asked, does cost matter?

Kinda my parents are paying

Oh if you’re folks are paying for it then no

Do you want to save money? Do you really need a slightly upgraded seat that has slightly better legroom and a free meal for a 3 hour flight?

…when you can buy a meal at the airport*

No, you read it the wrong way I guess

I flew first class on the United E175 from JAX-IAH-SLC two weeks ago. The answer is yes and no to is it worth it. First class contains wider seats with more legroom, a power outlet (big plus for me but the one on IAH-SLC was broken), and Premier Access (priority baggage handling, Group 1 boarding, and priority check in). However, the catering will be subpar to what you get on a mainline aircraft. United’s regional carriers don’t have ovens on the E175 so both of my flights only had cold meals and drinks. It was a nice product but it is definitely not as nice as first class on the A320 I was on from DEN-JAX. It really depends on what you are looking for.

Upgrade cost on mine was $328 btw for the whole way

…Adding on to what I said about buying a meal before you leave, there’s this restaurant at RIC called “The Cross Grain”. I had the Agave Glazed Boneless Chicken and it was probably one of the best meals I’ve had.

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The $1279 economy fare you see is for a refundable economy ticket so Eco+ will be cheaper than first class most likely.

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