United E-175 (Continental Livery)

Well hello there!
A couple of weeks ago when browsing through flights I could do from KSFO (a hub for United), I realized two things. One, there is only the United livery on the E170, and two, that livery is very old and can no longer be seen on United aircraft. So, I decided to come to the IFC and vote for the E175, which can be seen much more frequently. Unfortunately, the old feature request was rather old and didn’t have any votes for it, which surprised me.
So here I am making a new one.



E175 stats
Seats: 76-88
Max Crusie speed: M 0.82
Service Ceiling: 41,000 ft
Range: 2,200 nm (4,074 km)
Max takeoff weight: 89,000 lb (40,370 kg)
Max Landing Weight: 75,178 lb (34,100 kg)
Length: 103 ft 11in (31.68m)
Wingspan: 85 ft 4in (26.00m)
Height: 32 ft 4in (9.86m)
Engines: 2× General Electric GECF34-8E

The E175 is a short to mid-range aircraft and incorporates fly-by-wire technology which improves aircraft performance, simplifies systems architecture, and minimizes weight and maintenance. This aircraft would be great in IF because we could more accurately simulate regional United flights, instead of flying a generic E175 aircraft with the same sound effects as an A380.

“Designed for short to mid-range flights, the Embraer 175 features a flexible seat configuration so you can match capacity to market demand. Achieve greater productivity and higher utilization.” ~ Embraer.

Of course, this livery would come with an Embraer aircraft rework, which you can and should vote for here

Well, do you think this aircraft should be in IF?

  • YES
  • Well it’d be nice, but I’m not gonna vote…
  • Nah, I can live without it

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Before someone tells me to “vote for your topic”, just know I am out of votes.

Remember to vote for your own feature :) Good day!

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Check the bottom of the topic

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Then make a vote free! :)

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I would love to see this but part of me feels that no new liveries are going to be added until the E-Jets are reworked. None the less, this is really needed in IF!

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Then vote for the E jets update request!

Keep in mind, Chris_S said they do not need to vote for their own topic, it is recommended


Thats what I have been thinking, I have votes on quite a few liveries at the moment but it might be better to vote for reworks first. Once those are confirmed I can vote on the liveries I want for that aircraft. I will try to get around to that soon. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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If they add the United livery, I would also like to see the American Eagle one. Wait… is there even a American Eagle E175?

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You can vote for it there


I don’t think this will be added with United getting a new Livery or all their plane but it would be neat

Although I don’t really like Embraer planes, I think it would be nice if they add it but I don’t have any votes anymore.

Thanks for that but I’m already out of votes : (

I think we 100% need this livery, hope it comes!

I need to find a vote for this thing but we need the new one and/or this one

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Screw Evo Blue (or Ew Blue as I like to call it), we need this one!

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I’d like both evo and continental in here!

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lil fun fact

Bump! We need this!

oh wait it was bumped an hour ago, funny coincidence lol

Still, we need this! 😍


This better come, the new livery is definitely not a substitute