United Dropping Manchester, NH-Chicago, IL route

Well… I knew this day would come.
Just so you all know, an airline doesn’t have to publicly announce this information, but as a loyal MHT customer, I am honestly not surprised, but I’m very upset…

I got a notification from a friend telling me that United is dropping ORD September 4, 2018, and low and behold, it’s true.

Last day for their Non-Stop service to ORD

September 5, 2018 now you’ll have to connect to EWR

It’s a sad thing, but I knew UA would eventually drop Chicago. Our MHT spotters group knew this would happen.

We are now waiting to see if American Airlines can replace UA by starting ORD service to MHT.

I have also edited this change on the Wiki Page of our airport

Route changes

September 4, 2018

Airline Destination Frequency
United Chicago-O’Hare 3 Flights
United Newark 3 Flights

September 5, 2018

Airline Destination Frequency
United Newark 3 Flights

They probably did this due to a decrease in passenger revenue on this route. Sad though. Would be nice if they kept it.


Well, I honestly was hoping they’d keep the ORD flight. In truth I think UA no longer cares about our airport. I honestly think they’ll pull out of MHT entirely soon.

What aircraft opperated it?

Mainly the CRJ200. UA never decided to upgrade it’s equipment to ORD

Uh, thats a pretty long flight for that, it says almost 5 hours on the screen shot…

Yeah. About a hour flight to Newark and a hour or two layover and then another 2 hour flight

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Well, UA has decided to discontinue the route, although a friend of mine says the schedule isn’t “finalized” yet. He says there is a chance it may be seasonal, but I doubt it.

It’s a major inconvenience for all of us here wanting to go to Chicago. Now we will have to go to Boston, which is ridiculous

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Honstly for the number of awsome pictures I have seen from your spotting I am suprised by how few destinations your airport actualy has!

Well Delta, American, and Southwest have more routes than United. United has the least amount of options when it comes to flying

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Well wait you can still go to MDW?

Yah, the reason that United dropped this is because more people would rather fly Southwest to Chicago Midway, and if they have a connecting flight in O’hare, then they’d just take a Lyft or Uber to O’hare. I think the main reason they dropped this is because Southwest just had more demand for this route than United.

Yes. Southwest still has flights to MDW. But we’re talking about United here

Yes, I understand that this is about United I am just saying that you said you will need to go through Boston but unless I missed something that isn’t true, I was just trying to clarify that…

Unfortunately, it’s now on the news

I’m hoping something similar with SWA and St. Louis will happen with your airport, dude! Manchester seems like a wonderful place!

Hate to say it, but it’s not gonna happen anytime soon.

Tbh it’s an inconvenience but oh well we all knew that this would happen

We are hoping that American Airlines can step in and Resume ORD flights. With AA, it would make things better, they might even bring in bigger equipment. The Demand hasn’t gone down, its still there for ORD.

The sprit lives on woo