United Double Trouble! [EDIT]

A little duet of United’s 777’s performing some amazing parallel takeoffs! The 777 is quite the aircraft for such edits, with sharp liveries and amazing accuracy on aircraft detail and textures!

The flight took off from San Francisco Airport’s RW28L and 28R (if I remember correctly). From SFO, I headed north, straight for the Alaskan scenery, though this wasn’t my destination. As you may know, due to the curvature of the earth, aircraft don’t tend to fly in a straight line towards their destination, rather they fly either more north or south, following the curvature of the earth, in order to minimise the distance!
Unfortuantely I can’t seem to find the Alaskan shots from this flight, but after heading north-westerly for a while, we gently turned west, and made our way along the russian coast, past the northern tip of Japan and smoothly arrived into ICN (Incheon International Airport, ICAO: RKSI).
With a flight time of just over 11h 30m due to a good tailwind, we taxiied to the gate using only engine 2, turned on the APU while slowly drifting into our parking, and deboarded!

Another successful flight in the books, now back to SFO!

The photo which you can see has of course been edited! If you’d like to know more, PM me and I can dig up the PSD file and let you know what exactly has been done to it! I hope you like the shot and for more of this stuff follow my Instagram pages - ifs.jets and aviasimnation!

Have an amazing rest of your day/evening!

Balazs K


Amazing picture!

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Thank you!! Really appreciate it :)

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Nice shot ! ;)

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Oh my god this picture is amazing!

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Thank you for the feedback man! Appreciate it :)

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Thanks Nicolas! Glad to hear you like it!


Amasing photo 👏🏼👏🏼