United diverts to Dover

A United Airlines 737-800 lost partial control of it’s evelators on Tuesday, the crew initiated an emergency decent, and performed an emergency landing at Dover AFB…

Apparently United eaven ordered the passengers pizza, so maby United is not all bad, still scary that in 24hrs there were two 737 incidents, a Delta Fire, and a regional jet with LG issues…

I know this was a few days ago but I still wanted to tell you all since I found out…


What is up with all these aircraft faulting lately it seems like there is an issue everyday


Dang, could’ve ended up worse. A partial elevator failure doesn’t sound like fun lol

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Technically United has never been any worse than before. The one major incident that the media blew up took place on a Republic Airways Aircraft not a United Aircraft. All the other incidents were just incidents every Airlines has.


Hu… never new that, but not the time or place for that discussion…

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The reason why we see so many things happening is because of the recent Southwest incident, this happens everyday, not really engine fires, but problems like this happen all the time. The media just gets big over Aviation incidents after something bad happens. Just my 10 cents, yep not 2 lol



the media started shining light on small aviation incidents when
Doctor David Dao was forced off United Express Flight 3411 operated by Republic Airways

Airline incidents are “trends” for news channels. The smallest incidents they would make a hype over.


Guys could we not relate current incidents to incidents that have happened over a year ago? Let’s continue the discussion on this incident. :)

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This is the failure I fear the most

Flight control failure 😮😰

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I thought we don’t post small aviation incidents like this?

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What do you mean by ‘partial’?

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A partial elevator failure sounds horrific. Anyone remember Alaska airlines 261.

Oh yeah I remember that.

It’s still the Max Death 80, evan though I think it’s Alaska’s fault for not noticing the problem in the jack screw.

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I felt like this one was a bit noteworthy since clearly things were not good if tgey diverted to Dover…

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