United did it again...


There we go…They’ve done it again

I find this absolutely ridiculous!!! What do you think, comment below!


@SkyHighGuys , still not united’s fault?

“United Airlines is having a ruff time.” - Greatest pun of airline history.


I would have loved to see her reaction…


TBH not being biased (or not trying to be, sorry if it sounds like it.) I’m not surprised that it is United tho.


I still uphold it’s not the airlines fault. It’s called FAs not doing their best


I agree. And apparently its only this airline…

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Sad that United can’t get it together.

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Or maybe it’s only this airline getting the publicity for it.


It seems that United keep getting into trouble without it actually being their fault. I kinda feel bad for them but isn’t there any way to improve this “dog issue”?

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at first i thought it was the flight attendants now i think its the airline not properly training even tho i do believe united does not get publicity in the media for the good things they do but this is crazy they need to be able to better train their flight attendants. this is at fault of the airline tho they have sent now 2 pets to wrong destinations

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It’s not the FAs fault that the airline loaded two dogs on the wrong flight! Now, the flight where the dog died? Yes that was there fault! You gotta remember that UAL has rampees that work for them and if you have employees that load the wrong stuff on the Flight, then it’s the airlines fault!


Yeah. That family should have kenneled that dog. I could tell, by looking at the size of the dog, he wasn’t going to fit under the seat. I’m sorry it happened but all bags have to be put away.

Hopefully that didn’t sound mean because that’s not my intentions

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dont forget this United employees try to pick a fight over regulation-size carry-on | New York Post - YouTube

Its like every other week united does something stupid, their business is gonna die if they don’t get their act together

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I officially give up. Unless the United CEO and his staff agreed with any specific wrongful action I will always consider the airline itself pure and absolved from what their employees at certain airports do.

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Gordon Ramsay needs to yell at them, maybe that’ll get to them.


I’m pretty much neautral but this is no one but United’s fault. Who trains crew: United, who loads bags: United. You can’t blame anyone else!

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You can never be too sure. They’ll find someone else to point fingers at, I’m sure.

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Slowly Claps

Ok to me in my opinion United is getting things out of hand 😕 I wouldn’t trust them