United/delta/JetBlue virtual heres me resume for infinite

Hello this is me infinite flight resume just asking I mean a virtual airline seems cool
45 landings
Good with crjs and A320s
Bad at 10 kts+ crosswind
Usually departs from KDEN,KLAX,KSFO,New yorks 3 airports (sorry for not including Icao for new york wanted to save time)
Flys 2-7 times a week
A furry (un needed info but sometimes people wanna know)
Bad at calculating fuel so I usually use online calculators
Doesnt fly long hauls only 45-1 hour flights
1 violation (yes I’m serious)
Ok that’s the info I got for ya check it out and tell me if I can join or not if any questions ask bellow

I think it would be better to go to each virtual airlines respective website and apply through there 😊

@Frontier7911 look here for the different websites and a description of each Airline:


Well respect for that - But contact the VA would probably be better

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Please refer to #live:va the find the thread for the various VA’s, there you should find their website, and then find where you can apply

Lol o cant I’m only trust level 1 or something

I hope someone from the virtual sees this tho

Putting up your “resume” here will not get you into any of those. You have to apply through their application.

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What’s there website tho

You would not post it there, you would go there to find the VA’s thread, to find the application

Just to make your life a tiny bit easier, go to each thread below and apply at the virtual airline.

For future reference, you can take a look at all the virtual airlines in existance here:


Thanks a million fly safe


You beat me too it, well, now I don’t have to do that work.

KDEN awesome! That’s where the va I’m apart of our main hub is

Ah what airline?? May I ask

Called WestSky! We are a regional carrier

Oh that’s cool I only thought frontier delta and united ruled denver from terminal to runway

We’re a fictional VA but if you pm me (if you can) I will tell you more about it

Ah ok I’m tryna sign up for united rt and WOW airlines already accepted me but on hold becouse I send a request to united

As other’s have stated, its preferable if you contact a VA of your choice. These VA’s/VO’s (Virtual Organizations) can be found in the database that has been linked by Daniel in the second reply. Please use that topic as a source of information. This database is updated regularly.