United CRJ-700

I know livery suggestions for the new CRJ aircraft are common and will generally go unnoticed, but I’ve noticed that United Airlines and United Express have been commonly neglected in the newer updates, such as not being included as a 787-8, although they were one of the aircraft’s first buyers, and not being included as a DC-10, despite being one of the aircraft’s biggest operators.
I’m very much hoping, seeing the number of CRJ-700s in the United Express fleet, that the Infinite Flight Community will have the ability to Fly the Friendly Skies in the new update. Thanks!

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Just wait. Post, like, comment and most of all be patient and you will be there in no time! :)

I recommend voting for the United Livery Feature Requests! The more you vote in those higher the chance of them being added!

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This photo is the UE CRJ-700 livery I’m referring to, not the Tulip livery, as that livery is no longer in use.

If you want the regular added go vote on this topic - United Express CRJ-700
Like what @Kevin_Potthast said

Okay thanks :) I appreciate the help