United CRJ-700 KLAX to KSAN!

Hello humans! Today I did a flight from KLAX to KSAN, hope you like these photos!

Flight information:

Flight time: 44 minutes


Aircraft: United Express CRJ-700

Server: Training

Parked at KLAX, getting ready for departure while 2 777s taxi in the background.


Gear up!

Beautiful United 777 in the background


Short final, also Delta 69 Heavy (story below)

A super smooth touchdown!

Two beautiful aircraft.

Parked, deboarding, and a cool Delta 737 in the background!

About Delta 69 heavy: As I was trying to land, D69H lined up and took off, later did I notice, he was following me, decided to do some “manoeuvres” like going really show to shake him off, I was like, “This is enough” So I decided to land, as I saw him going 260 knots. I slowed down, and he smashed into the runway with his wing. Karma.

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Actually you don’t need to show his profile because of private policy

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Oh, I’ll delete it, thanks!

Well but it’s funny.

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No need. I like it! Aviation humor is one of the best in the world. Though you should post it in the live category. Just move it.

It’s ironic too. Delta 69 is a 739 and he calls himself a heavy?!?

No, look at photo 6, it’s an A350, the Delta 739 apparently identifies as United.

Oh sorry. But that’s even funnier. Codeshare? Nope. They don’t share alliances.

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Ruining the reputation of such a good plane… A350

Great pics mate!

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