United CRJ-200

Why did the United CRJ livery go away? Now there’s just the old one.

The new one hasn’t been in game, and there are no plans to add it.

However, you can vote for it in the topic I’ve linked below.

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Oh… seriously? Why is there only the old one. I know I flew it with the new livery.

Maybe you were flying the CRJ-700?

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Unfortunately, the new UA CRJ2 has never been in IF. Only the Tulip livery.

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You might be right. I thought for sure that the 200 had it. Can I talk with a person who makes the liveries.

You can PM a staff member or @ moderators, but PMing to convince them to add the livery won’t do much. I’m sure they’d be happy to hear your inquiries, though. Feel free to drop your vote and share your thoughts in the topic linked above, though!

How long does it take to make a livery. If it’s a long process, I get it.

Well, I can’t answer that question for you, but I’m sure if you ask a mod or staff member, they’d be happy to explain.

How do I contact them? Do you know any of them I can talk to?

PMing @moderators (click that and click the blue “message” button) should get you the quickest response.

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Ok, thanks!

Contacting Moderators probably won’t do you much. They aren’t the ones who create the liveries.

Infinite Flight has 1-3 people who work as a livery and texture editor for the team. Read this little statement from Misha; one of the Staff Members at Infinite Flight for more information.


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