United Boeing Brazil ERJ-175 (2019 Livery)

The new livery for United has just been rolled out on a new ERJ-170 for ExpressJet. Here’s some info.


  • 191 in service

  • seats up to 88

  • maxim takeoff weight: 89,000lb

  • almost 2,200nmi range


  • currently operate 5 ERJ-175s, with 20 more on order. (As of now this one included since it hasn’t been delivered yet)

  • Fly for American Eagle, Delta connection, and United Express

  • based in the greater Atlanta aria

If you like me still like the old United Livery go vote for that here, in the meantime have a great day!


That is a beautiful livery, and suits that aircraft so well!


I do agree, it looks a lot better here…

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Yes for sure that is a possibility if they decide to do a full rework of the ERJ, then we can see like also Alaska air

Nice job it must’ve taken u a while to make this a while to make this
I would vote but rlly don’t like the livery

Thanks, it took a bit, but it was worth it. As for the second part, I had a hard time convincing myself to make it, but I do really want it in the sim so we can fly a curent United ERJ, but it isn’t a great livery to me…

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Bump! My good friend got a chance to go up close to this plane and actually go in the cockpit yesterday for his birthday. Isn’t that tail beautiful!

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