United Boeing 787-9 Trip report EWR-OGG

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Server: Expert Server
Aircraft: United Airlines, Boeing 787-9
Route: EWR-OGG

Hello from my Economy Plus seat 14H!

Took a nap during takeoff so wasn’t able to get any takeoff shots :
But here’s a picture flying over A place where there’s aliens and crazy stuff, Ohio.

Flying Over The Los Angeles Metropolitan Area.

Flying over the Pacific Ocean, nothing to see, just water.

Overlooking western Maui as we decend

On short final :)

My friend @Flyin.Hawaiian spotted my plane landing :)


I spy with my little eye @DeerCrusher (not actually him) in a Netjets private jet coming from HNL!

Was too busy during disembarking so here’s a shot I got while leaving the airport!

Which one is your favorite picture?

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irl its a 763

That’s true, but my plane got swapped last minute.


I waved back at ya!


What route @DeerCrusher

Why am I more interested in the fancy looking golf cart and not the multi-million dollar plane and view

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Why hello there, was nice seeing you coming from HNL :)

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KMRY-PHOG then the next day was PHOG-KOAK-KBFI


You saw any 777-9’s while in BFI 👀

But overall, interesting routes, will be sure to recreate this when the CL35 comes out :)

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Of course! I see them all the time. Seen the MAX 7 & 10 a few times as well.


Nice, see you in the skies!

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Air France at OGG?

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Possibly a diverted aircraft idk lol

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And you should use the B767 instead, check this out!
Newark to Honolulu!

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