United Boeing 767-300

In IF, the United Boeing 767-300 has 3 main exit and 1 smaller one behind the wing.
In reality, has 2 exit doors on each side, and 4 wing exits.
Bottom picture is not mine.


Nice find, you seem to be correct.

I always wondered to… Looks more like the 767-400 but with Winglets

The top picture is a 767-400 or 767-300ER (as BA call it) the bottom pic is just a regular 767-300 that is operated by United.
P.S. United also operate 767-400s.

I agree, the top picture looks like a 767-400 w/ winglets. I think FDS just misunderstood the door layout for the United 767-300/400.

In IF, the registration for the 767 seems to be N673NA, but when I searched it up in Google I found nothing. When I replaced the “NA” with “UA” it pops with a United 767.

A BA 767-300ER Looks the same as a United 767-400?? Why??

Yeah, I noticed that as well, don’t really know the reason why though.

Just wanted to bring this back up.

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if you look closely at the 757s you can see some are -300s and some are -200s

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Bringing this back up.

This should also be considered with 752/3s in IF it only says 757-200 but there is also some -300s

757-300s in Infinite Flight? Proof please?

Soz @Cargoluxgroupceo did not see post

In real world.

In the second photo it shows two blocked Windows where exit doors should be.

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Yup Thank you alex

it cant be a 400 the 400’s have the raked wing tip so it’s a 300

There is no 757-300 in the game. 757-300s have those 8 main doors, 2 pairs each before and behind the wing, and 4 overwing exits (not in front of the wing). See this seating chart of United’s for a rough idea.


Also, a 767-300 is a 767-300, a 767-300ER is a 767-300ER, and a 767-400ER is a 767-400ER. Three completely separate models. As Snow_Cone said, a 767-400ER has raked wingtips and IS LONGER LENGTH-WISE. While it is true that UA operates the 767-400ER, the model in IF is that of a 767-300.

I should make note that BA and UA BOTH OPERATE 767-300ER models. I don’t think either operate the plain -300 model (forgive me if that’s an error), but the only “differences” between BA’s 767-300ER and UA’s 767-300ER is that:

Is getting rid of theirs.
Has no winglets (what’s the point if you’re getting rid of it?)
Has 4 pairs of main exits.
Has Rolls Royce engines (which I don’t think is shown in-game)

Is keeping most of theirs for a while longer.
Is retrofitting them with winglets.
Has 2 pairs of main exits and 4 overwing exits.
Has PW engines (I think).

There are no external differences between a -300 and -300ER, just changes in MTOW, fuel capacity, etc. Thus, they are classified in IF as the same aircraft (same thing occurs with the 737-900 and 737-900ER, albeit the behind-the-wing emergency exits are omitted in the IF model).

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Just about to post this bug tho. Hope it could be fixed very soon