United Boeing 757-200 “New York Art” Livery

Photo Credit: [spoiler] https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9453049[/spoiler]

Thanks to Azure for part of the text, you can see their topic here: United Airlines’ New Special Liveries

Hello community 👋

Today I’d like to show you guys the United ‘New York Art’ livery. The livery was designed by Corinne Antonelli, in a contest where United Airlines announced a contest for female/cisgender/transgender/woman-aligned/non-binary artists to honor Women’s History Month. Called as “Her Art Here”, the competition allowed United States residents a chance to display a work of art representing New York and New Jersey or California on two Boeing 757s.

In my opinion it’s a very vibrant and colorful livery which I would love to see in Infinite Flight. The California Livery seems very neato as well!

Hi, oh, uh, wow, gosh, um, this livery is amazing. Now let me clear up a vote for this beauty 😍


Beautiful Livery 🤩🤩


Is it supposed to be over the 2019 livery? Just wondering because of the blue globe on the tail. It’s a cool design though.

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This is why we need to… yes you know it…


I love this livery to bits. Just fantastic.


This will look nice IF THEY REWORK THE 757 just kidding it looks nice though and will be a great edition to IF


I found some info on this 757

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Yes! Team New York! We are Big Apple strong! 😍👍👍👍


757 rework confirmed, let’s get this in.


Cmon guys this is a must. It’s absolutely beautiful. If you can, please cast a vote!!

Voted! I’d love to fly this into EWR. 😄

Defintetely vote for this and @CPT_Colorado United Airlines Her Art Here - California Livery 757-200 - #5 by CaptainLeo1


Just voted for this beautiful livery, I really want this in the upcoming rework.

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I feel that not only would this livery be a great addition to all players, it would be a great addition to the female community.

Her Art Here, a first-of-its-kind contest, was created to find and uplift underrepresented women artists by providing them with a chance to have their work painted on a canvas like no other — a Boeing 757 plane.

While 51% of today’s artists are women, less than 13% of art on display in museums is by women artists according to The National Museum of Women in the Arts. Having their designs painted on a plane (roughly 3,666 times larger than the typical 18’ x 24’ canvas) provides these women with a traveling canvas that will fly 1.6 million miles a year, or 476 cross-country trips on average.


By adding this to infinite flight, we could take this as a moment to appreciate how much females do to assist the aviation world. Let’s learn to appreciate the world around us and not see gender as a barrier for once.

Credits on image


I agree with you 100%. Not only is it a great looking livery, it has a great meaning behind it as well.


technically its the New Jersey livery but I voted anyway

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They should do both but I guess it will take long because I think they have to get the rights to use it from United, and paint it onto the aircraft, etc… It will be hard work if they decide to put the livery in but O hope they can do both the "Her Art Here California/New Jersey :D

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Im pretty sure they just pay United to be able to put the livery in the game, and I doubt that the artist is not going towing to give her work a bigger platform.

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This is gonna earn my vote, I better see this or California Art in 20.3 haha

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You have my vote and absolute support. Stunning livery!