United Boeing 757-200 “New York Art” Livery

Photo Credit: https://www.jetphotos.com/photo/9453049

Thanks to Azure for part of the text, you can see their topic here: United Airlines’ New Special Liveries

Hello community 👋

Today I’d like to show you guys the United ‘New York Art’ livery. The livery was designed by Corinne Antonelli, in a contest where United Airlines announced a contest for female/cisgender/transgender/woman-aligned/non-binary artists to honor Women’s History Month. Called as “Her Art Here”, the competition allowed United States residents a chance to display a work of art representing New York and New Jersey or California on two Boeing 757s.

In my opinion it’s a very vibrant and colorful livery which I would love to see in Infinite Flight. The California Livery seems very neato as well!

Hi, oh, uh, wow, gosh, um, this livery is amazing. Now let me clear up a vote for this beauty 😍


Beautiful Livery 🤩🤩


Is it supposed to be over the 2019 livery? Just wondering because of the blue globe on the tail. It’s a cool design though.

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This is why we need to… yes you know it…


I love this livery to bits. Just fantastic.


This will look nice IF THEY REWORK THE 757 just kidding it looks nice though and will be a great edition to IF


I found some info on this 757

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Yes! Team New York! We are Big Apple strong! 😍👍👍👍