United B789/B78X New Livery

I think it would be cool to have both United old and new liveries into the game, because United is painting their planes into the new Evo blue livery and I’ve seen lots of them starting to be painted into the new one. I think this could make long haul flights more realistic since some use just the new livery from what I’ve seen. N12010 would be a cool one because I have seen it a lot and hope to see this in the infinite flight skies soon!

Hello good sir

You can actually vote for it here 👍


I didn’t see that topic so I decided to make my own lol thanks
Can I request the B78X too?

I’m gonna see if you can

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Hmm, can’t seem to find a topic, you may need to ask somebody first to help you find it, if there’s no results, then go ahead let your inner United run free

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Okay, thanks! Who should I ask?

Mods, and etc.

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Okay thanks!

Check out the topic linked above