United B777-200ER Engine

I don’t know the name of the white thing inside the Engine anyways it looks diffrent in RL

same regristration

Here’s a Video: https://youtu.be/_mZNAOHuECA


I see… Here’s a better picture through:

Yeah that’s how it looks in IF

The engine they most commonly use in IF for the 777-200ER is a GE90 which has the swirl. The one you posted is a PW which is a different engine all together. The game is accurate.

You know why?
I think it’s simply because the engines are on and they move ;)

But it’s just a straight line in rl

It’s maybe because of the perspective and the movement.

No wait I’ll post a Video

https://youtu.be/_mZNAOHuECA there you go

No, @InfiniteFlightPlays is correct. There are two different markings to show that the engines are in motion. A spiral, like in IF, and a bar, like in the picture.

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I’ve explained it above. The engine you posted is a PW4000 engine which looks like this.image
The engine you are seeing in IF is a GE90 engine which looks like this

Both are used on United 777-200ER but the developers choose to go with the GE90


I think all IF aircraft have spirals, if any…

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Yeah but in RL it has a bar with the same regristration

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