United at MDW flying to ORD?

Alright guys I’ve got a question for y’all,
So for those of you who live in Chicago or fly here a lot, you would know that Midway (Chicago’s second airport) only flys Southwest, some Delta flights, some porter flights, and some Volaris flights. Meanwhile, major carriers like United or American are out of Ohare. But since today’s event takes place around both of these airports, I decided to take a look at the Midway departures, and saw a flight leaving Midway headed to Ohare! How is that even possible? I found it on a flight tracking app, but when I checked the Midway website, It didn’t even show up. It happens more than once in the next few days too. Anyone know what’s going on?
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Sounds like a charter flight, which is why it isn’t on the website. If you look at 2551, there’s also a SFO-OAK flight.


Funny thing is I’m pretty sure they OAK to SFO flight was an a380
I’m not 100% sure tho

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United’s was a 757-300. The A380 was British Airways.

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You see now that’s so weird. Why would they run a charter flight when I can literally take a bus between midway and Ohare for a 15 minute ride?

I probably should’ve specified.

The Cleveland to Midway flight is the charter I think, and the MDW to ORD flight is a positioning flight to return the aircraft for its next flight (ORD-BOS)

UA25xx flights are charters, while 26xx, 27xx, and 28xx are repositioning/ferry flights. TYL.

Try carrying hundreds of pounds of sporting equipment or what have you on a lowly bus. :)


Most likely a charter flight…there was recently a United flight flying SJC-OAK

The plane came into SJC from MCI, and there is no MCI-SJC commercial flight

Imagine that was a route for united virtual lol


And here’s another good example.

Obviously United would never have daily flights to Newark from Providence with a 757-300. The New York Jets played against the New England Patriots today. This is the charter flight for the Jets back to New York. Notice the UA25xx flight number.

Maybe it diverted?

Reason is above. Both flights haven’t taken off yet, so it can’t be a diversion unless it is a scheduled fuel stop, in this case it isn’t.

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The flight in the OP is for sure a charter. I was able to confirm that, though couldn’t get info as to whom, and I didn’t press.


Yes they are charters for sports teams. United goes to MDW for the White Soxs. SJC is the airport closest for the 49ers field.


Works both ways


That was a divert, pilots didn’t have the training to land in the conditions at SFO. Had to land until the fog cleared. Got to watch it from the tower, very cool


Wow that’s super lucky! Thanks for providing background info though, I’ve never heard of something like that happening before

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No way is it 15 minutes by bus between O’Hare & Midway. Best you can do between 11:00 p.m. & 5:00 a.m. on a weekday is 20 to 25 minutes. During a normal weekday rush hour or Saturday high volume day it can go past an hour. I would schedule 40 minutes normally. I have run between Midway & O’Hare about 50 to 60 times a month.


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