United Announces Services To Honolulu From Orange County

United Announces Service To Honolulu From Orange County

United has announced yet another flight to Hawaii this year from Orange County (SNA) to Honolulu. The flight will be open for booking on Saturday and the flight will lift off on May 6. It will be a morning departure, at just after 8:00AM. People speculate it will be on a Boeing 737-800.


I will fly this route in IF!! Such an interesting one

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It’s with the 737-700. The 737-800 probably can’t make it with a reasonable payload given SNA’s runway length.



Wow! This will be an interesting route. Is this going to be daily or weekly?

I think the -800 can, it flies to EWR along with the -700 which is very close to the same distance.
I know the 757 could with certain accommodations since those flew transcon from SNA all the time back in the 80s-2000s

I’m just glad we are getting service again 😂

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It’s daily and not seasonal, so hopefully it won’t get cancelled 😂

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You just want lie-flat seats!


(Also because the 757 is the best) lol




Tbh, I think Southwest will just copy pasta United soon

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Yeah. The more I think about it, one daily -700 flight should work, SNA serves OC which has over 3.1 million people. So hopefully there’s demand 😂

I’m surprised at how cheap the first month of service is
Then it’s $100 more which is still cheaper than Hawaiian, but I’m surprised, never seen cheap fares to HI like that. Not even SWA 😂

Was this recent? I’m not 100% sure on this, but wouldn’t they need to block a good amount of seats with the -800 on SNA-EWR? Doesn’t the 737-800 need a lot more runway to takeoff with a max payload compared to the -700?

The upcoming SNA-EWR flights all seem to be on the -700.

United may have a monopoly on SNA-HNL just because they’re the only airline with an aircraft that can profitably operate with SNA’s short runway. Southwest doesn’t have ETOPS 737-700s, so it can’t operate those from SNA to Hawaii. If they use the ETOPS 737-800s, they’d likely have to block a significant portion of the seats. If Southwest goes for ETOPS on the MAX 7s, that could allow them to enter SNA to Hawaii, but for now they’ve focused on LGB to Hawaii with the new additions of HNL/OGG.

I’m not entirely sure on this though.


Yes they flew both aircraft on SNA-EWR before the pandemic

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Not happening, WN doesn’t have any ETOPS 73Gs and if the -800 could make it, they likely would have already tried.

Same story with Alaska

Pray for those people stuck in a 737-700 for 5ish hours


Interesting! Should complement the Hawaii routes from LGB and SAN nicely.

Okay, that’s nice (but weird) and all but this would be great from Orange County, Florida.

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Wait… Even better, Broward county

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Love it. Maybe another possible stopover for me when I head to Hawaii the next time around. 😏


The -800 variant flies from EWR but not to due to payload