United Announces Final Flight of Their 747

Surprised I was the first one to find this.

United has finally announced plans for its final revenue 747 flight. The flight will be from San Fransisco to Honolulu. More information is listed in the attached article.

Also another interesting article if you scroll down. KLM returns to St. Martin.


😩😭 im going to cry. The purdy 747’s are being retired😖


We were born at the wrong time my friend.


It is unfortunate to see so many airlines slowly getting rid of their 747s. I’ve spent many long-haul flights on the 747, the effortless grace she carries herself with is something that is very difficult to replicate.

She commands attention

On the ground,

and in the air.

Her cavernous main deck is like a concert hall. If her walls can talk, they will tell us about the places she’s been, the people she has carried, the stories of those people, the memories made.

Her wing, an engineering marvel. It enabled a revolution in long-haul air travel, she made flying accessible to more people than ever before.

I guess it is fitting that my final flight on the 747, barring some sort of a miracle, was onboard the first 747-400 ever produced, N661US, she was just 23.7 years young when I flew on her. She was still raring to go when her engines spooled up on the runway and we slowly lifted into the air with poise and grace.

Unfortunately, just like every other plane. It is time for her to go. The airline business is ruthless and cutthroat.

Thank you for all that you’ve done. It is time for you to rest.

Farewell, and godspeed.


Wow, this is definitely something.

Looks like United Airlines will be the final airline to commercially operate a Boeing 747-400 in North America. If I recall correctly, Delta Air Lines should be flying their last 747-400 sometime in mid- to late-October.

The 747-400 was hands down one of my favorite planes and it is definitely sad to see it go. Of course, with technology advancing, there will always be bigger and better planes that develop. Quad-engine planes are progressively becoming more inefficient and are being replaced by newer twin-engine and more fuel efficient planes.

Let us not ignore the fact, though, that the airplanes we have today will also have the same fate as the queen in the next 2 to 3 decades from now God forbid. I won’t be a negative Nancy about it, though.

Farewell to the queen! :)


I saw this yesterday, I wanted to cry not because of the747 being gone but when I searched the flight was gone,It SOLD OUT and at the time it has only been announced for 5 hours.
I am really going to miss this aircraft as I never had the opportunity to fly her.

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Unlucky, I got the opportunity 6 months ago on Thai. I was really happy because I knew it was going to go away soon.
But I guess everything with a start has an end.

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My first flight ever was on a 747 gosh I will miss them when they are all gone but we all know that history repeats itself so maybe the 747 will be more popular again one day.


I’ve only been on the BA 747 when i flew home from london heathrow-San Francisco

Agreed, @Danman. According to my logbooks, I have been blessed to fly the 747 8 times in my life, all of which were on long-haul flights. Nothing is the same as being on such a large aircraft over such a long distance.

From each take-off,

To each landing,


The 747 remains a unique bird, which is one of a kind. And while most of my flights on it have been on Delta, the retirement of UA’s 747s is a somber moment for all. United received many a 747 having operated all types aside from the -300 and -8, and with almost 5 decades of service. No other airline (aside from NW) has that much history with such an icon, and it will be greatly missed when it leaves the hands of one of the world’s largest 747 operators.


And while the main deck was a concert hall, filled with the memories, stories, and memories of all those who were onboard, consider the upper deck a small, 14-seat slice of heaven. It’s the quietest, most peaceful, and most calm place to be not only on the plane, but in the sky. With the introduction of newer, more modern 77Ws and 359s, we may appreciate the new shine and seats, but we also say farewell to all of the history we leave behind when their predecessors are gone.

While many consider the 747 something that is quickly leaving, I hope to enjoy the experience one last time. I have a potential vacation coming up in November, and I’m hoping it’s not too late to experience the 747 for one final time.

747, we will miss you. You may be gone from our skies, but you will never be gone from our memories.


It’s too sad for me to see this beautiful bird come to rest. It’s final rest. It will forever be remembered.


They’re slowly disappearing, and it’s sad to see them go.

I remember my very first flight on Cathay Pacific’s 747-400 a long long time ago, when I was only a small child with tiny hands. Once I got on there, I was really astonished to see how beautiful the interior is and how beautiful the interior lights are. Although, I never got much sleep onboard because I was too amazed of how gorgeous the Queen looks.

China Airlines also flew the Queen, but their Queen didn’t provide me a lot of comfort. However, I still really love the liveries the Queen wore to this day. EVA Air recently placed their Queen to rest in peace, and I will never forget that moment when I flew on their Queen.

The Queen of the Skies provided me much comfort, and I will always remember when she is still flying happily in the skies. She will rest in peace, but although invisible, she will still be flying with us today, and she will live forever.

Long live the Queen of the Skies


Guess I’ll never fly on a 747… Such a sinking feeling knowing that one of the greatest marvels of aviation will be gone in two months.


No, the 747s are kind of dying 😞 I love them

I’ve never flown a 747.

Rest In Peace to the United Queen Of The Skies, she shall forever be in our hearts.

I hope that I could one day mark this option off my bucket list
“Fly on a 747”


It’s sad I still haven’t flown on any 747. Then knowing the airline that I fly standby on is retiring them is more sad. The 747 had some good times.


Nooo not the 747:( why

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So thankful to be getting on the BA747 in January. Would hate to maybe missed the opportunity to fly on it.