United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, and Alaska All Eliminating Change Fees!

United, American, Delta, Hawaiian, And Alaska Eliminate Change Fees!

Some of the largest US airlines have now eliminated change fees. Southwest being a pioneer in this, united decided it would be best after the pandemic. Less than 24 hours after this announcement, American, Delta, and Alaska all followed. We can expect jetBlue to do the same very soon. Although jetBlue has temporarily suspended change fees, we can expect them to do it permanently as soon as possible. Knowing that all their competitors already don’t offer change fees anymore. It’s crazy how our world flipped upside down. Change fees used to be hundreds of dollars, and now they’re free. It’s likely that we will not see this coming from Spirit, Frontier , or Allegiant. Mainly because they are low cost airlines, and order to make money, that’s some of the tricks that they use.

This will help the United States aviation market, as prices will get to be more competitive, and everything will be cheaper for us. This makes it easier for us to travel around, and see the world! Remember, all these change fees are permanently eliminated in the United States, but on international flights, they will still apply.

Along with these articles, watch this video that United posted a few days ago.


This good to know xD

I’m flying Alaska to Seattle next week and I might change to Everett instead. Much cooler and cleaner airport. I also now don’t have to pay 100$ to change haha

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Lucky you!

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This category keeps me in the IFC and it’s done it again! This looks like a really positive change for the aviation industry and it will improve competition between airlines.

I’m glad you enjoyed!

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Copiers. Alaska, Delta, and American are all copiers. 🤬

Great read and great change for the general public. I’m sure there are more fees that’ll be permanently waived in the near future.


Nothing makes me laugh more than a company not doing something (for profit), then something coming along to basically force them to do it.

Oh and the disingenuous PR media that follows… :)

Maybe. Seems a bit weird United announced something major on a Sunday, almost like they knew Delta was about to announce something the next day…

Cuz Delta’s been hinting at doing something with change fees since early 2020:

Delta Air Lines has been dropping hints about a more flexible change policy since its investor day in Atlanta in December – when a top executive said the airline is studying ways to "approach flexibility differently than this industry has in the past’’ – and CEO Ed Bastian provided more color, if cryptically and with few details, in an interview with USA TODAY in Las Vegas last week.

Although Delta’s CEO didn’t really talk about eliminating change fees completely, so United may have prompted Delta to match their flexibility.


And good for you!

In your bio quite

Avid flyer, United 95% of the time

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As much as I agree (love ur YouTube channel btw) I have to disagree. How did united KNOW they were going to do it that exact day 🤷‍♂️

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Leaks, rumors, hints, whatever goes on in management. I think there’s been a few times where things like this have happened. Or I’m crazy.

I don’t know…

Haha. It makes no difference for me. Platinum already allows for no change fees. However, like I said, it’s a great change for anyone who doesn’t have status on any of these airlines!

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Weird flex, but ok

Well I’ll never be platinum with anyone (MAYBE JetBlue one day) but I’m not to loyal to an airline cause I’m in South Florida

For example, I’ll fly JetBlue ALWAYS if possible, but I can’t always , so I’ll sometimes use southwest, United, American… etc

Airlines are getting desperate and it’s quite noticeable when they follow suit of someone who has been successful. Southwest which I’ve always favored due to their business models and marketing strategies will continue to dominate the COVID pandemic when it comes to airlines. Flights are consistently full minus the middle seats; something you don’t hear often coming from UA, AA, AS, or DL. Top it off with WN being the only airline out of this mix not furloughing its employees, is only an indication that something is being done correctly and has been for some time.

I like what you said, “Southwest being a pioneer in this…”. I think we’ll continue to see a minor shift in other airlines looking at how Southwest is battleing these tough times. I think what the other airlines wish was that they were more prepared in terms of simpler marketing strategy to make themselves more appealing to customers. All of this they wish they had done sooner.

Despite being employed by one of the airlines mentioned in here, my go to airline will continue and will always be Southwest. I have mad respect for a company that treats its customers and employees like first class, a company that manages their finances and a company that is able to overcome obstacles with ease to the public eye.

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Unfortunately, Southwest is temporarily pulling 2 routes from my home airport 😥, but I agree, Southwest has been great every time I’ve flown with them (only 4 times, but still), and is one of my favorite airlines to date.

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Hmmm. That’s a shame. ngl. On the flip side, they are adding a few new routes this winter here in Colorado. Mainly for the ski season. But they’ve never had commercial service on this route yet so its a huge win for them.

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They are adding a ICT-DEN route though, so 🤷‍♂️
(3 airlines ICT-DEN, and we don’t have that many people here)
And as of right now they will bring back the Las Vegas and Pheonix routes back in like mid 2021
I think?

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