United Airlines Trip Report

Hello, This is my very first trip report so I’m excited to make it so let’s get on with this.

We woke up early in the morning at 4:30 cst so when we got to the airport we found out we got upgraded to Economy+. I was tracking our Boeing 737-800 that came in from Cincinnati (CVG). Once that got here I had like 27 minutes to find something to eat so I got a bagel and a apple juice. Once it was time to board I went in line one with my grandma so I can get on early with First class.

Here is a pic of our plane that will take us to Orange County, CA:

Our 12 year old 737-800

So we got onto the plane and I found my seat it was a great view of the engine. I had lot of leg room even with my carry on bag. We sat there as I watch the ground crew load up all the bags. So I did a guessing game to see which one was @Hopperbolic. But I don’t know what he looks like so I didn’t see him. Plus he works for delta.

So here is my window seat 10F

As I was waiting for the Captains announcement and after that we got to push back also forgot to say that we had IFE screens too. We taxi out to RWY9C to take off super fast.

Here if u would like the video pm me for it.

As we got into the air they began In flight service I got Peach yogurt and Coke and some pretzels

As we we’re flying by Denver and saw a South west plane climbing to FL400 because we were at FL390.

As we got closer to California I saw Las Vegas and had to get a picture of KLAS

When we got closer to landing there was many clouds and when we landed that pilot sped up then hit the ground hard and went full on reverse thrust. Since the RWY is 5,700ft long. When we were taxing to our gate I saw a bunch of Netjet planes maybe even @DeerCrusher plane

And that concludes my trip report it was super nice no baby we’re crying and if you would like the take off video and the landing video you can pm me on here then I will do you it on discord!

Expect a trip report after 2023-06-30T07:00:00Z


Awesome experience! Great photos. I’m sorry about the hard landing LOL but a low ceiling is a special difficulty for pilots :)

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I was flying 764 earlier this week. It just got new engines back on the 12th or thereabouts. We took it in to KAGS for the work to be done. I also happened to be in SNA this past week as well so we must’ve just missed each other.


Nice trip report and great pics 😀

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Welcome to my home airport!

Oh we’re you in SNA?

Did u see the United plane at 9:46am

I see my house from up here!

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What day did you go? I arrived on UA 660 on a 737-700 on Sunday

I’m assuming you were on the same day because we had ceilings of 1,200 on the approach

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I came yesterday on the first flight UA628

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Oh ok very nice

United’s going to be so good once the finish their United NEXT retrofits. I hope their all like the max 8


It was the first flight of the day so not much kids were on that flight.

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Ah fair enough!

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