United Airlines to Swap 38 Embraer E175's for Mesa Airlines CRJ-900's

In an article released by Simple Flying United will be swapping some of their E175’s for CRJ-900’s

More than 30 Bombardier CRJ900 aircraft operated by Mesa Airlines’ regional brand, American Eagle, will soon fly exclusively for United Express, the regional brand for United Airlines. The CRJs will make their move due to Mesa Airlines terminating its relationship with American Airlines. (Simply Flying, 2022)

Now you may be wondering where these E175’s are going, and they are headed into storage. This is a move to avoid conflict with United’s Pilot Contract.

The scope provisions or clauses that Quigley referenced are part of United’s contract with the trade union of its pilots, limiting the number and size of aircraft that the airline’s regional airline affiliates may fly. According to FlightGlobal, the clauses generally prevent carriers from farming out more flying to regional airlines such as Mesa Airlines, Republic Airways, and SkyWest Airlines – thus protecting mainline pilot jobs. (Simple Flying, 2022)

Let me know what you guys think about this!

Article link: United Airlines To Swap 38 Embraer E175s For Mesa Airlines’ Bombardier CRJ900s (msn.com)


Happy you switched over to the Challenger 350 @DeerCrusher?

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I don’t like this. The e175 is a favorite of mine and looks great in the United livery and now there will be less of them. And on exchange we get the dumb CRJ

Heck yeah! I feel for those pilots and passenger getting displaced from the Embraer to the crusty 'ol CRJ.


It’ll be interesting to see if United increases the amount of flights per day to some cities that were mainly serviced by E175’s but are now going to be CRJs.

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If I remember Mesa’s seating configuration they hold like 2 seats more than the 175. So I doubt it. But with everything that’s gone on, not going to rule ANYTHING out. lol

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Oh really? I guess you do learn something new everyday. Lol

Will they get repainted in United colors?

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