United Airlines To Install Special Lie-Flat Business Class Seats On 737 MAX 10s

In August 2018, United was rumored to be installing lie-flat seats on their upcoming Boeing 737 MAX 10s. Now, it looks like those rumors are true.

United Airlines will install 22 lie-flat herringbone seats arranged in a 1-1 configuration, meaning all seats will face the aisle and have direct aisle access.

According to the source, United will install these lie-flat seats on 50 of 100 737 MAX 10s currently on order.

These 737 MAX 10s will replace 15 of United’s old domestic transcontinental 757-200s, which currently have 28 lie-flat seats meaning there will be a drop in premium capacity.

However, with less capacity means more flights and frequencies, which will cater to business passengers wanting flexibility with travel.

From what it looks like, United will install the new Thompson Vantage Solo, becoming the launch customer of the seat.



Images by United Airlines/Boeing and Thompson Aero

The 737 MAX 10 is advertised to have 3,300 nmi of range, so from United’s Newark hub it can easily reach all of the U.S. and potentially Europe depending on the configuration.


This is a very special business class specifically meant for premium routes so it’ll be interesting to see what United does with the aircraft aside from replacing the transcon 757s.


Transcontinental MAX 10? Aw yeah, it’s big brain time.

Could revive their failed Newark-Newcastle route and maybe expanding further into lesser used European airports.

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It looks so cramped yet so beautiful at the same time 😅👌

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Would love to try this product, but it’ll likely only be for premium transcontinental routes which I believe are EWR/IAD-LAX/SFO, along with some international routes.

Awesome, have to see if I can fly this once or twice!

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Ahhh Newark to Bristol 😍

Never got to see the glorious B757’s sadly as the route was axed

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The problem is, would they be able to fill the 22 Business Class seats? Truthfully I could see the XLR work on the routes when it arrives in 2024.

Ooh it looks like the seats have doors! I’d love to fly this when it starts flying.

This is interesting. Always nice to hear such a product being installed on narrow bodies. Copa has something similar on the MAX 9, but theres no direct aisle access.

That’s correct! Copa was the first airline to put flat beds on its MAX9 fleet. Before the worldwide grounding, the airline used the aircraft primarily for flights to Miami, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Well United runs some number of fully flat beds on every 757-200 configuration, so for the aircraft there replacing it with to have lie flat seats isn’t really a shock 🤷🏻‍♂️

I mean don’t get me wrong it’s cool that there’s going to be lie flat seats on a domestic 737, but when you look at the whole picture dare I say I would have expected it… 🤷🏻‍♂️

Though they do look like bigger and nicer seats than what the current domestic 75s have, so that should be nice for travelers

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If they were to add IAD or EWR to SJC with the MAX10, you would see me on United pretty quickly! :D

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Exactly, but I don’t think anyone was expecting to see 1-1 Business Class seats with United. They could’ve gone for a more dense premium configuration with the same lie-flat seats found on their current 752s and Copa’s MAX 9s but instead they went for a much less dense configuration.

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There is crystal city in Virginia…

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