United Airlines Star Wars Livery

United announced on Twitter they will have a Star Wars themed Livery. I think it looks really cool.

What are your thoughts on the livery?


I think it looks very cool! Notice the billboard sized ‘United’. That could be an element present on the new livery due to be unveiled this month.


This looks so cool

They also presented a New York themed and a California themed livery on their Instagram and both do feature the same font and design of the „United“ spelling.

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I really like this livery

Looks really pretty on United

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To me, it’s a bit meh.

The billboard sized United is nice. That’s the only aspect of it I really like. Other than that, it’s just meh.

You should make this a livery request

To bad Disney always play with the strict cards when it comes to Copyright… otherwise we could have voted for this to be in IF along with the ANA Star Wars liveries:/


I don’t prefer United, I only fly bae (Delta) HOWEVER, I’m a big Star Wars fan. So I like this. 😂

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I haven’t watched a single StarWars… nice looking livery and a great marking push, nonetheless!

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