United Airlines Star Alliance B777-224(ER)

United Airlines Boeing 777-224(ER) Star Alliance Livery (N76021)

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Taken by Positive Rate Photography via JetPhotos
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This livery is absolutely beautiful and I think this livery should be added with the much awaited Boeing 777 rework. Normally every airline has a special livery that shows what group the airline is apart of. United is apart of the Star Alliance Group with many other airlines.

The airline United has been growing on me lately and I would love to fly this beauty! I see these arriving and departing out of O’Hare a lot. I think this would be a great addition to the United Airlines fleet in Infinite Flight and the B777-200ER fleet in Infinite Flight!

Let me know what you think of this livery below!

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United Airlines:

Star Alliance Group:

Boeing 777:

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Giving this a bump! Isn’t it pretty?!


Of course!

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Why thank you haha

I really like the star alliance black liveries (sorry Singapore Airlines). It will be cool if they will add this livery along with a update or a rework of the 777 (huge fan of it btw)! >_^


Yea the black does look quite good!

I love how the whole plane is black and sort of grey-scaled. This livery would be a amazing addition and great for me to use since this particular plane flies those ULH United has from USA to Asia :)

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I would also use this on United’s US to Asia and vise versa! There’s a great contrast to this livery!

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It definitely is. As of now when I occasionally do those 15h flight from the US to Asia, I use the regular livery, which all fine and that but this one would add a bit more spice to it all, if feel like :)


It’d be very special since it kinda is a special livery:)

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Yeah, I totally support this. It’d be great if this one were to make its entry into IF someday. I’ll cast a vote on it sometime in the future ;)

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Wouldn’t this look amazing on the B777-200ER in Infinite Flight?!


Could we see this in 19.1?!

I doubt it. I don’t believe they are adding any new liveries

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Yes they are, but not many. I doubt we will though


Who knows, randomly getting the TAM livery is surprising.

Where did they say they were adding a few liveries and which aircraft? Not questioning you, I just want to know

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They didn’t say which aircraft - the only known one is the TAM 77W. Check the update thread and scroll down, Jason posted a message yesterday about it (if you can find it lol)


Bump since the B777 series rework is on it’s way!!

What a beauty!
I’d vote for it if I had votes :(

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