United Airlines Speeding up 747 Retirement Process

Today, even sadder news came for United Airlines 747-400 retirement news, according to United Hub, United’s news website. Today the fleet president announced that United will be speeding the retirement of the 747’s from when end of 2018 to the end of this year. The last 747 flight is to be determined but it sounds like it will be from SFO - HNL, which was the very first route the 747 operated back in 1970.
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And a picture from United^


Wow, that’s a shame. I really love the 747. I’ll have to adore LH’s 747-8i more then in that case.


Agreed! I’ll sorely miss them :(


And Goodbye…


I always found them ugly and too big, but they are definitely an iconic aircraft. Sad to see her go.

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Nice recovery haha ^


There’s no denying the greatness of the 747, but it’s time to move on IMO.

Shame Boeing can’t put out what the airlines want so Airbus get more of the trade…


I knew I would’ve not heard the end of it. Alot of respect for the Queen of the Skies,

I hope global is out by then so we can do a formation flight to honor the queen.

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*Reminder - Delta is also retiring there 747 fleet by the end of the year so that means there will be 0 commercial 747’s left in the US that are operated by an American airline in 2018

How many are left in service?

Last time I checked 17 for united, with the retirement process being stepped up we could see one or two retired per month until the end of the year for united. As far as delta 747 fleet I have no clue

Whats their replacement Sean?

United’s replacement will be the Boeing 77W which they have 3 out of the 10 delivered, 787-10 and possibly the Airbus A350-1000 or A350-900

All good things must come to an end, if it was meant to be it shall return!

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